Kevin Church

Kevin Church

Ask any Charlestonian what Toast! of Charleston is and you will hear of stuffed French toast so famous that it ends up in the “New York Times.” I am here to tell you that Toast! of Charleston is more than just breakfast. This southern eatery hits the spot with all three meals plus live entertainment on the weekends.

The night time feel is casual and friendly. When you stop in to grab some comfort food, choose the Sweet Tea Glazed Chicken. This fried boneless chicken brushed with a sweet glaze and sides will be sure to fill you up. Don’t miss out on the fried okra and mashed potatoes for a truly southern meal!

Running out of the office for a quick bite? Toast! of Charleston can get you in and out in no time. Go light with the Shrimp Salad Wrap. The spice of the Cajun mayo is just enough to give this dish a kick. If seafood isn’t your thing, opt for the Charleston Cheese Steak Sandwich. This classic is sure to keep you full if you are working late on a weeknight.

As for everyone’s favorite meal of the day, there is no way to go wrong with a Toast! breakfast. “The New York Times” loved the Eggs Meeting Street. Who wouldn’t love a fried green tomato topped with a crab cake, poached egg, and remoulade sauce? When you throw in the fact you also get a biscuit as well as an option of grits or home fries; it is easy to see why this drew attention. Another attention grabber is the stuffed French toast. Also mentioned by “The New York Times,” the Deluxe French Toast captures gasps of curious onlookers when walked to a table. This concoction towers over your plate with the thickness of five slices of bread. The toast has a golden outside and a hot filling on the inside with your choice of apple or peach. Now that is southern.

This Friday, January 30 come enjoy the tunes of local artist Blake Zahnd while eating a large plate of Smothered Pork Chops. There is no better way to truly appreciate Charleston than listening to a songwriter live while enjoying southern food.

Also, we have Kevin Church playing on Saturday January 31st!